Why would I want to spend money on solar when the subsidies are starting to dry up?

ANSWER: Simple. The payback period of home and property owners investing in solar has been slashed by latest technological advances.
With more efficient harnessing of the sun’s rays while the increased production of solar components has reduced the cost of installation.

This surge in demand and supply has increased the quality of components.

OK. But I still have to spend money, don’t I?

ANSWER: Yes, but it may not be as much as you think. First you need to sit down and think about the overall picture as it applies to you. Carefully asess how your current household energy used is consumed.

Everyone should know that heading and cooling your house can take up to 40 per cent of your energy bill.
Recent news reports say a typical South Australian annual electricity bill is around $2000, so it’s not hard to do the maths.

I hate paying money I don’t have to.

ANSWER: Yes. So that’s why you need to balance the value of investing in the latest solar technology with what you are currently paying in your energy costs.

That is the affordable way forward. Your home energy bill is the one cost-of-living item you can take control of.

You can’t stop rising council rates, school fees or the high cost of fuel. But investing in affordable energy options frees you from one of the biggest costs of running a household.