How does the Tesla Powerwalll 2 work?

You already use mobile apps to listen to your favourite music, take photographs, watch movies, and even get directions. The Tesla Powerwall 2 makes managing your energy consumption just as convenient.

Tesla’s energy monitoring app allows you to use your smart phone to monitor and manage your home energy use through the same mobile platform.

This feature gives provides you 24/7 monitoring over your solar and storage power flow, offering unprecedented control over energy storage reserves in advance of power outages, and bad weather.

As South Australia’s Number #1 leading authorised Tesla reseller, Energy Rating Systems (ERS) are ready to help you embrace this new technology and take control over your home’s energy use and costs.

Our expert technicians will tailor a Tesla Powerwall 2 system to suit your household needs. Never be caught be unprepared again. Learn more…

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