Atlite Roof Window

Embrace the delight of natural light and air flow with Atlite premium roof window. Atlite roof window reduces glare and optimizes light flow in your room. Enjoy the flow of fresh air in every season with the quality double glaze glass and its advanced technology. Atlite roof window blends seamlessly with the style of your home.

Let there be light!

ATLITE Roof Windows in Adelaide Homes

Atlite roof windows can help minimize your heating, cooling and lighting costs at your Adelaide home. It can improve your home’s visual comfort levels as they can admit more than three times as much natural light into a room than most vertical windows of the same size. Let your home space lit by natural light and enjoy the energy efficiency and the added home comfort.
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Fixed or Openable


Fixed or Openable

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Fixed or Openable



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Roof Hatch

Option – Electric Openable

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Combat extreme weather

Atlite Skylight will eliminate the risk of water retention and leakage as it has been engineered in Australia to withstand the harsh Australian climatic conditions as it is resistant to rain, hail and cyclones. The award winning roof windows have been manufactured to meet all relevant Australian standards. The products meet the following standards:
Fire test – AS1530.8.1
Bushfire attack level test – AS3959
Water leak test – AS4285-2017

Atlite’s 5 star energy rating roof window complies with Australian building code regulations (AS1288-2006). Rest assured that Atlite Skylight will safely provide energy savings all year round. It will keep out the heat on hot summer days and steady internal temperature during chilly winters.

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Transform any space into a bright room

The sleek modern innovation can be crafted to fit any size and shape to suit your home’s interior design. Enhance your living space by improving your rooms and gain control to natural light and air flow by choosing a remotely powered Atlite openable roof window. Embrace the sunlight and fresh air from the touch of a button with a premium quality double glaze glass to optimize natural ventilation.

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Let more natural light in

Atlite roof windows are a great alternative to install when you are limited to the amount of windows you can have in a room by lack of space, privacy issues in a room or when you desire to implement architectural style in an existing room. Gain fresh breeze and natural ventilation by placing a skylight in your room ceiling as the windows can open to allow air to flow. All Atlite roof windows come with a flyscreen to stop insects entering the room. Atlite roof windows are ideal to use above showers, kitchens and in your bedrooms as it brightens up your spaces and provides you with a clear sky view that will help reduce your lighting costs.

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Beautiful living spaces

Atlite’s offers sleek and modern designs for roof windows. No matter what type of roof window  you are after you can choose to be placed in pitched, flat roofs or raked ceilings. The roof windows are a stunning piece of art that will enhance your surroundings. Placing a roof window to an existing home can increase its value as it may make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Transform any space into a bright room

Find the perfect fit

Atlite is a leading Australian manufacturer of roof windows and natural light solutions. Atlite has been manufacturing roof windows for over 50 years. They have been shaping Australian homes for many years by bringing more light into your home. Atlite roof windows come with a 15 year product warranty. Atlite roof windows have been made under ISO 9001 quality system. It suits all roof types and pitches as it has no restrictions.

ATLITE Roof Window Data Sheet


Technical Performance

Overall frame dimension (wxh) Orientation  U-value  Solar Heat Gain
Bushfire^ Water Tested Glazing Energy Rating
550 x 700mm, 550 x 980mm,
550 x 1180mm, 550 x 1400mm,
780 x 980mm, 780 x 1180mm,
780 x 1400mm, 1140 x 700mm,
1140 x 1180mm
landscape or portrait 1.3 0.24 BAL40 Rated –  AS1530.8.1  AS4285 AS1288 5 star

Atlite Premium Extras

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Glass Tint Options

Atlite roof window come in clear glass as standard but you may choose from a range of custom tints such as opal, grey, evergreen, blue and bronze. The thermochromic technology offers window tint from clear to dark which can be adjusted depending on the sunlight intensity.

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Finishes Options

The standard finish for the roof window is white internal and powder coated external frame. Colourbond steel colour finish or galvanised are added choices of the range of style. There are opening options available such as fixed, manual and electric.

Electric Opening

Atlite operates manually or by remote control for easy usability. The automatic rain sensor in the electric roof window will close, keeping your home safe and dry in the rainy days. It enables temperature control and provides energy savings by the easy adjustment options to allow sunlight to enter the home and fresh air for natural ventilation.

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Fully customizable Options

Atlite roof windows can be crafted to any size or shape including triangle, hexagon, rhombus rhombus fixed or openable.

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ATLITE roof window


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