Home Intelligence – B.One™ Hub

B.One™ is a self-learning Home Automation and Security Hub. It runs on our proprietary Artificial Intelligence Engine which analyse and predicts actions. Imagine a Home that knows what you want, instinctively!

B1 - Home Intelligence

Home Intelligence – All Things. B.One™

Home Intelligence – B.One™ Hub Specification Sheet


Manage your Home from anywhere anytime!

Manage your Home Security, Energy, Comfort and IR Remote controlled electronic devices from anywhere in the world with one simple B.One App. Whether you have one smart device or multiple smart devices all you need is a B.One Hub to create a Smarter Home.
B1 - Home Intelligence Security


B1 - Home Intelligence Energy Management

Energy Management

B1 - Home Intelligence Energy Comfort Control

Comfort & Entertainment

B1 - Home Intelligence Actions


B1 - Home Intelligence Smart Sensor

Home Intelligence – All Things. B.One™

B.One is the world’s fastest and the most advanced home automation hub ever built. This hub not only makes life easier, but also enhances your entire living experience at home.

With a few simple touches, you could have your morning coffee ready, the house temperature and security systems set and even draw the blinds!

Your home is your comfort zone and B.One gives you the option of adding that touch of convenience and security to your own personal space.

B1 - Home Intelligence

Home Intelligence – key features

Security – Arm and monitor your Intelligent Home from anywhere and feel secure. Military Grade Encryption, own battery and cellular network backup. Always ON and always Connected.

Energy Management and Lighting control – Manage and control all your energy devices using one single app. Know what devices are consuming how much power and make your environment energy efficient.

Comfort and Entertainment – B.One Hub monitors your Smart Home Thermostats, Humidity Sensors, CO Sensors and Smoke Sensors . B.One Hub has an on board Infrared Remote Chip with which you can manage all your IR remote controlled devices from one App. It is truly a Universal Remote control that works with both old and new Smart devices.

Actions – Highly customisble and configurable based on user preferences, which can be activated at a touch of a button.

Syncs With™ Eco-System – Supports over 60 devices and all prominent Wireless Protocol standards. Rapidly increasing and reaching over 200 devices by mid 2017.

Advanced, Powerful and Intelligent home System

B1 - Home Intelligence Smart Sensor

Making your doors and windows smarter

The B.One’s Smart Sensor senses the Open and Close of any Door / Window.

B1 - Home Intelligence Smart Sensor

Amplify your senses

B.One’s motion sensors help you detect activity and ensures that your surroundings are always safe and secure.

B1 - Home Intelligence Smart Sensor

Digital Watchdog

B.One’s wireless siren and strobe lights helps alert owners in case of a security breach or safety concern

B1 - Home Intelligence Smart Sensor

Universal Remote Control

B.One Hub is World’s first true universal remote control with its on board IR blasters and is capable to work with different devices at Home.

B.One lets you personalise and integrate control of various devices including:
home entertainment
roller shutters and roller blinds

B.One Hub lets your IR based legacy devices work with new smart devices.

Future Proof Your Home – All Thing. BeOne™

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Brighte - Buy now. Pay later. 0% Interest, Always*