A scalable, residential powerhouse with 5kW output, and expandable storage from 13kWh to 39 kWh!  This indoor/outdoor package is modular and wall-mountable, maximizing flexibility for site installations.

Fully loaded to run solar self-consumption, with or without time of use tariffs, selectable solar export permissions*, storm watch battery reserve controls*, and more.

Power resiliency to the home is achieved using our fully automated transfer panel with independent solar and load curtailment* to keep you running through multi-day grid outages.

Fully certified and ready to provide an array of grid services, and includes monitoring and fleet management tools for both the system owner and service provider, allowing you to take full advantage of utility participating incentives for energy storage systems.

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Technical data

  • Up to 5 kW of generation.
  • Fully supported grid tied and backup operation with automated transfer.
  • Simple, flexible installation fully compatible with leading solar PV system suppliers.
  • Industry leading lithium battery technology.
  • Automated PV curtailment for extended duration grid outages.
  • All-in-one solution includes an integrated energy meter and SwitchDin Droplet™.
  • 10 year industry standard warranty.

Leading battery technology you can Trust.

Under the hood of Eguana’s Evolve home energy storage product is the global leader in lithium battery technology. Eguana technology’s battery modules with integrated battery management system warrant a 19.2 MWh energy throughput*, providing over a decade of use in a solar self-consumption application. * per 6.5 kWh module.

Eguana Evolve - learn more
Eguana Evolve - learn more about th

Universal PV compatibility.

Eguana’s AC coupled topology is designed for compatibility with any solar PV string or micro inverter. The passive connection to the battery system is simply to manage the energy use when connected to the grid. In backup mode, the solar PV system synchronizes to the home storage AC output for backup mode battery charging. Independent solar system operation results in a superior, flexible system design for both new and retrofit solar installations.

All eyes on your home energy consumption

Every Evolve system is pre-integrated with a SwitchDin Droplet™. Managing your consumption of solar generation is backed by an array of monitoring features via the SwitchDin Stormcloud™. Track your generation, storage and consumption data all under one dashboard. Customizable battery management alerts allow you to make decisions about your energy consumption to save you money. See your actual energy costs and savings in real time based on tariffs in your region.

Eguana Evolve - learn more
Eguana Evolve - learn more

Stackable storage

With standard 13 kWh battery capacity, your system is tuned for optimal grid tied operation with up to 5 kW of rooftop solar.

If power resiliency is a high priority for you, battery capacity can be easily expanded up to 39 kWh, with two additional battery cabinets.

24/7 Power for your essential loads.

Essential home loads are kept alive during grid outages with a fully automatic transition to backup power mode.
Solar powered charging of the battery in backup mode allows you to ride through multi-day grid outages, sunlight permitting. Low battery warnings can be configured via email notification so that you can prioritise and manage your most critical loads before the system goes into hibernation. In the case of battery system hibernation, the system will maintain a minimum battery reserve to re-attempt solar charging in the next available solar window.

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