Airomatic Ventilation

AiroMatic powered by Air iQ

Airomatic Ventilation Specification Sheet


AiroMatic is set to a powerful fixed speed for continuous, high performance ventilation. It also includes a built-in Air iQ smart box that can automatically detect heat and humidity to protect the home when it matters most.*

AiroMatic in summer

During summer your roof space can reach temperatures of up to 70°C which could soak down through insulation into your home. This heat also makes air conditioning less efficient as it has to work harder to push cool air into the living areas.

AiroMatic’s preset powerful fixed speed setting delivers continuous, powerful and effective ventilation day and night to cool the roof. AiroMatic also has a smart temperature sensing control system that automatically detects and removes heat from the roof space on those stifling hot summer days, so it saves energy and only works when it needs to.

AiroMatic in cooler months

During winter, humid air from cooking, cleaning & washing your clothes, rises into the roof space. Without ventilation, this humid air can turn to condensation which can cause mould, mildew or even structural damage to your home.

AiroMatic’s high flow rate extracts humid air from the roof which helps minimise condensation formation in order to prevent mould growth, or structural decay of timber.

Additionally, the clear acrylic dome is designed to allow light into the roof space to deter pests that can cause allergens thus, increasing comfort in your home.

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