Bradford Soundscreen – Imagine better acoustic comfort

Bradford Soundscreen is designed to minimize unwanted noise from outdoors transferring around the home. It makes the ideal product to re-insulate your ceiling to stop sound from travelling. Bradford Soundscreen Batts can absorb much of the sound vibrations in your home as it has been proven to minimize noise transfer by up to 75%.

Bradford Soundscreen Insulation

The trusted name in Sounscreen Insulation

Bradford Soundscreen Insulation Specification Sheet


Bradford SoundScreen acoustic insulation can be installed in the internal walls, ceiling and floors around bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries, media rooms and studies to minimise noise transfer between rooms.

The Quiet Alternative for Adelaide homes

Bradford Soundscreen is the quieter alternative to install while retrofitting your existing house as it will provide your rooms with a sound reduction of approximately 6dB when compared to a room with no insulation. Soundscreen insulation has been produced to fill in the roof spaces reducing unwanted outside noise of traffic, barking dogs and neighbours

Reason to insulation your home

Bradford Soundscreen is a cost effective solution to help reduce noise entering the house. It will make an excellent long term investment as your family will enjoy the added peace at home. Bradford Soundscreen is Australia’s most trusted insulation because of its proven performance for ideal usage at home office, media rooms, laundry and bedrooms.

Breathe Easy

Bradford soundscreen offers you added benefits as it is an ideal product that offers you quality and an easy installation solution allowing you to breathe in peace knowing it is a safe product. The soundproof product is an excellent choice for use at homes where residents are sufferers of asthma or allergies. 

Bradford 70 Year Guarantee

To give added confidence, you can relax in a quieter space at home knowing that the product has been guaranteed to last for 70 years.

Government Insulation Rebates

Now is the best time to install insulation in your home as eligible homeowners can claim up to $1000 or more in Government rebates under the REES scheme. The rebate amount that you will receive will depend on the following living situations such as: 

  • The size of your house
  • The location of the house
  • If you are installing insulation for the first time or topping up existing insulation

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