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Ceiling Insulation for Adelaide Homes

Ceiling insulation is a cost-effective way to reduce heating and cooling bills in your home. When quality insulation is installed correctly, it results in up to 45% savings on your heating and cooling. With 70 years of insulation warranties, the savings add up quickly and continue for centuries to come, making it a wise investment option.

How does ceiling insulation work?

Ceiling insulation creates a barrier to heat gain and loss through the roof. Ceiling insulation helps to moderate your Adelaide home temperature which allows you to maintain a more pleasant environment inside your house.

Winter Heat Loss 

In Adelaide during winter, internal heat can escape from a home outwards through the roof due to poor roof insulation. A home that is poorly insulated may lose up to 35% of internal warmth through the ceiling.

Ceiling Insulation Adelaide - Winter Heat loss in a Home
Ceiling Insulation Adelaide - Summer Heat Gain

Summer Heat Gain 

In Adelaide during summer, external heat from the hot weather days will enter inside a home through the ceiling or from any external gaps found on your windows and doors. On a hot day, warmer outdoor elevates and your property may gain as much as 35% of heating through the ceiling with a lack of home insulation.

Does your house need ceiling insulation?

If your home loses its heat quickly in winter and gets warm quicker in summer, especially after running the air conditioner for heating and cooling, then it may be time to check if your ceiling insulation is up to standard or if there is any.

A lack of ceiling insulation drastically affects the temperature inside your house, making it more difficult or significantly more expensive to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. Even a small gap in the insulation results in increased temperature fluctuations within your home.

To achieve energy efficiency at home it’s important to choose to install effective, top quality ceiling insulation, such as the Bradford Gold Batt Ceiling Insulation or Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation to regulate your home’s temperature for longer periods of time. This will reduce the need for running heating and cooling systems, further reducing your energy bills. We have a team of experienced insulation specialists who can remove existing insulation and install your new insulation whether you have a pitched or flat roof.

What R-Value is needed for ceiling insulation?

R-Value is a measure of insulation’s ability to resist the heat flow. The average home requires a minimum R4 rated batt. A higher R-value will provide better thermal performance for your house.

Do you have poor ceiling insulation or does it need updating? 

Ceiling insulation is a once-off affordable investment designed to last. It will reduce your heating and cooling by up to 45%, while improving your home comfort levels for decades to come. Existing insulation in your ceiling may require an inspection as it may lose effectiveness due to the following reasons: 

  • Gaps can cause a lack of roof coverage 
  • Changes to insulation requirements as homes are now required to install insulation coverage for at least 240mm in thickness – Previously, insulation’s R-Value of 2 was deemed suitable, it’s now a minimum of an R-4 rated insulation batt
  • If you’ve had any trade’s people working on your roof such as electricians, plumbers or air conditioning techs it most likely that the existing ceiling batts had to be moved to conduct the job. In that instance, they don’t correctly replace the insulation. 
  • If you have had spray insulation installed it may no longer be providing efficient thermal performance.  We are often requested to remove spray-in insulation to replace it with high performing ceiling insulation batts.

Ceiling Insulation Removal and Installation in Adelaide

Removal insulation in the ceiling can be difficult and hazardous, especially due to the build-up of dust. Our ceiling installation team specialises will remove your old ceiling insulation, on the same day as the installation of your new replacement insulation.

Blow-in insulation removal in Adelaide (Spray in insulation)

Sharpe Energy Hub offers a blow in insulation removal, also known as spray in ceiling insulation removal services, which is an affordable and simple way to remove your old insulation.

Leaf Litter and Debris Removal in ceilings

If your ceiling is accumulating debris, mould or any type of pest then it is essential to remove it safely. Sharpe Energy Hub has industrial vacuum equipment to help remove harmful particles from your house.

Are you looking to retrofit or replace your existing ceiling insulation?

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