Climate Wizard CW3-
Indirect Evaporative Air Conditioning

Climate Wizard CW3 cooling system delivers cool fresh air via ceiling ducts, filtering the air for dust, dirt, and allergens. It offers 100% fresh, cool air for your well being by replacing the air up to 10 times an hour when in cooling mode.

Coolest, quietest and the most energy-efficient air conditioner

The fresh alternative to reverse cycle

Climate Wizard CW3 is an indirect Evaporative Air Conditioning dual system that offers two functionality options as it delivers dual heating and cooling performance or can be used as a stand alone hyper efficient cooling solution. It effortlessly cools and heats your Adelaide home while providing optimal performance. Climate Wizard CW3 offers up to 60% lower energy costs when compared to equivalent reverse cycle systems.

Climate Wizard CW3 Fully Integrated System

Fully integrated system

CW3 dual system is an integrated system that will improve indoor air quality as it can help you reach your ideal temperature for the entire house. The CW3 dual system incorporates gas heating delivering warm air through the same ducted system while using one ceiling vent and controller. If you don’t wish to have a gas heating option a CW3 Micro Core system can be installed for cooling your home.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Climate Wizard CW3 offers a huge reduction in your energy costs as it lowers it by up to 80%. It will offer your household added comfort as it is an economical way to heat and cool your home. The cooling performance works increasingly well even when outdoor temperatures soar. The exceptional performance of the CW3 beats any of the reverse cycle air conditioners as their cooling capacity lacks when outside temperatures rise. As temperature rises the amount of power to run the CW3 remains the same making it a cost-saving unit.

Climate Wizard - Energy Efficient evaporative cooling
Climate Wizard Dual System - learn more

Micro-core engineered

The Micro-core technology allows counter flow heat exchange as hot air enters the cooler and then passes through the micro-core. This allows the warm moist air to exhaust outside while leaving 100% fresh, cool air to flow into your property. The added benefit of installing a CW3 Micro Core on your Adelaide home is that you can choose to leave windows and doors closed for security reasons or you may desire to leave them open for alfresco living.

Comprehensive Warranty 

Find complete peace of mind with a comprehensive 5 year warranty on your Climate Wizard CW3. The warranty also includes up to 10 year cover on all structural components. For added reassurance, this warranty covers 25 years against corrosion on its Permatuf cabinets. Guarantee of excellence with Climate Wizard CW3 for your home.

Climate Wizard Warranty - 5 year comprehensive warranty
MagiQtouch Contoller for the Climate Wizard CW3

MagIQtouch® Controller

• Effortless operation as it comes with an in-built installation wizard.
• The MagIQtouch Controller can operate the Braemar ducted gas heating and the Climate Wizard cooling system using the same controller.

Wi-Fi Smart App & Smart Home Integration for the Climate Wizard CW3

Wi-Fi Smart App & Smart Home Integration

• Take control of your Climate Wizard CW3 directly from your phone with your voice via smart apps like Amazon Alexa.

Seeley International for Climate Control Solutions

Seeley International manufactures the Climate Wizard CW3 in Australia, they offer climate control solutions to customers. Seeley International has been operating since 1972, it is a family owned business located in South Australia. They are an energy efficient cooling and heating provider that is a quality endorsed company.

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Sharpe Energy Hub supplies, installs and removes air conditioning in Adelaide. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience providing Adelaide homes with efficient home solutions. We develop unique solutions and installation techniques to improve the efficiency of Adelaide homes.

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