Virtual Power Plant Provider Comparison

Compare Virtual Power Plant Providers and their VPP Offers, available in Adelaide, with our detailed Virtual Power Plant Provider Comparison table.

Simply Energy VPP

Tesla Energy Plan


Supported Battery’s
(Upfront Price)
After HBS
Includes Std Install
Sonnen Eco 10kWh - ($7990) Tesla 13kWh - ($4999) Tesla 13kWh - ($8490) Sonnen 10kWh - ($7990)
Tesla 13kWh - ($8490) LG Chem Resu - ($???) Sonnen 15kWh - ($9990)
Credits/Benefits Up to $5100 in Access Credits over 2 years $2000 Off a Powerwall $100 Battery Sign-up Credits $49/month – 7,500 kWh allowance
$0 Daily Supply Charges. $180/year ($0.4932 per day) $59/month – 10,000 kWh allowance
Grid Usage Rate (inc GST) 39.78 cents/kWh – Fixed 31.13 cents/kWh – Fixed 36.30 – 40.38 cents/kWh 38.04 cents/kWh (variable)
Feed-in Tariff 15 cents/kWh 10 cents/kWh 14.2 cents/kWh 7 cents/kWh
Daily Supply Charges 95.89 cents/day 0 cents/day 81.08 – $89.10 cents/day $49 to $69 / Month
Contract Term 3 years 1 year
Cooling Off Period 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days
Exit Fee $0 $0 $0 $0
Cancellation / Termination Requires 20 business days Termination Fee May Apply Termination Fee May Apply Termination Fee May Apply
Possible Additional Charges Unscheduled Meter Reads
$1.65 inc gst for bills sent via post
Credit Card Processing Fee - 0.6% (inc gst) of total amount
Smart Meter Required Yes Yes Yes Yes
May Force Charge Your Battery Maximum of 400kWh/ year - Approximately $160 per year worth Yes up to twice a day - This will not be included in your bill charges up to 30 times a year at Sonnen's Sole Discretion
Possibility of a $0 bill Yes Yes Yes No
Minimum Storage capacity left 20%
Expected pay back time 5 years
Energy Retailer Simply Energy Energy Locals AGL Sonnen eServices (Energy Locals)
Finance Rate Setter Rate Setter Rate Setter Rate Setter
Interest Rates 5.5% 5.5% 5.5% 5.5%
Expected Monthly Fee (84 months)
Availability Now - Limited to ARENA Finance
Payment Options Cash Cash Cash Cash
Finance (RateSetter) Finance (RateSetter) Finance (RateSetter) Finance (RateSetter)
Individual Plan Details Simply Energy Tesla Energy Plan AGL Sonnen eServices
Internet Connection Internet Connection Full Broadband / Hard Wired Full Broadband / Hard Wired Internet Connection

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