Want a battery exclusive from a world recognised company with the highest standards of quality? 

The all-in-one home energy storage solution – Inverter + Battery 

Energizer Homepower ideal choice

Take back control of your rooftop solar power

Energizer Homepower is an intelligent All-In-One battery energy storage system and a reliable energy storage solution. This AC coupled home battery allows you to maximise your return on investment by utilising the generated power for your home usage. The Virtual power plant lets you exchange the power you get from your self storage system and turn your Adelaide home into a small energy retailer.

Power you can count on

Energizer Homepower HP-6 Series has been engineered to change the way you utilise your solar energy. Energizer Homepower battery allows you to save excess energy from your solar system to utilize whenever you need it the most. Take full advantage of the battery as you can maximise your savings by choosing to charge off the grid when electricity prices are down and discharge when prices increase. It provides you with long lasting power, as it will continue to power your Adelaide home even in the event of a blackout.

Energizer Homepower ideal choice

Make the ideal choice for residential energy storage

The sleek weatherproof design can be installed indoors or outdoors as the system will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Wall mounted modern design
  • Backup protection ready
  • Available in Onyx Black & arctic white colour
  • Virtual power plant ready

Energizer Homepower for long lasting

Energizer is a brand you can trust as it has been operating since 1896 and they provide people with durable long lasting batteries. The Energizer Homepower is backed up with a 10 year warranty.

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Energizer Homepower     Specification Sheet


Choosing the right battery size for your home

The Energizer Homepower battery size will vary for each household. When choosing the right battery size for your home, you will need to take into account the following:

Energizer Homepower Battery is available from 6.1kWh to a maximum total capacity of 24.4kWh. Energizer Homepower allows you to attach additional sub-units in the future to an existing main unit to increase the battery size. The home battery allows you to expand your battery size by adding up to an additional three subunits to the main unit.

The home battery size options are:

  • 6.1kWh
    Main unit
  • 12.2kWh
    Main unit + 1 Sub
  • 18.3kWh
    Main unit + 2 Subs
  • 24.4kWh
    Main unit + 3 Subs

One of our Sharpe Energy Hub team members will be able to assist you with selecting the perfect sized Energizer Homepower for your home with our FREE Energy Analyser report.

Energizer Homepower ideal choice
Energizer Homepower ideal choice
Benchmark for user experience

Benchmark for user experience

The Energizer Homepower app is an iOS and Android user app that has set the benchmark by offering an integrated user experience for homeowners. The smartphone app provides an array of user options 24 x 7 via cellular/wifi/ethernet from anywhere in the world including the ability to store energy during off-peak periods and utilize it during peak periods even when energy prices increase.


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