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FoxESS (F Series)     Specification Sheet


F Series On Grid inverters

FoxESS F Series is a single phase, dual-MPPT inverter with power categories ranging from 3.0 up to 6.0kW models. The efficiency and high performance inverter will ensure that your solar panels are always working to their maximum capacity. The inverter has been engineered to withstand any weather conditions with its high weather rating of IP65.
FoxESS Inverter - F Series learn more
FoxESS - F Series learn more

Key Benefits

High Performance

F Series inverter offers a low start up voltage with a 97.4% maximum efficiency (single phase) and 98.2% (3-phase).

Optimised for an upgrade

The F Series can be optimised for a comprehensive upgrade to the FoxESS battery storage system when paired with a FoxESS charge controller.

Built to last with IP65 Rated

The F Series has been engineered to last with its high weather rating (IP65).

Remote Monitoring

The F Series inverter can be monitored remotely in real-time via a smartphone app or web portal.

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Safety & Security Features

FoxEss inverter offers customers advanced safety features using state of the art hardware and software protection. The F Series has been developed with high precision and with an increased level of performance.

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Quality of Components

The lifespan of an inverter is influenced by the quality of the components. They have been precision engineered to provide excellent performance, high efficiency, reliability, and durability.

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Multi Power Point Tracker inverter

One of the key features of the Fox ESS inverter is its solar panels’ capability to perform efficiently at its maximum capacity no matter the weather. The benefits of having a Multi Power Point Tracker inverter is that it will increase the amount of electricity in which it can generate by up to 15%.

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Engineered with heat sink and cooling fin

Fox Ess F Series inverter has been engineered with a unique heat sink to enhance its performance and product longevity by providing exceptional heat management to the system. The inverter incorporates an optimal cooling fin to increase the cooling effect for greater energy production.

Longer Warranty

Warranty plays a crucial part in every product purchase in the decision making process. FoxEss solar inverters guarantee you peace of mind with their F Series that comes with a 10 year warranty from the date of installation for defects in materials and workmanship.

FoxESS F Series - learn more
Fox ESS F Series logo - learn more

Fox is groundbreaking

Fox is a global leader in energy storage solutions as they are renowned and recognised for its ground-breaking products of solar inverters. Fox products feature excellent performance and reliability.