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Haiku – Home Ceiling Fans in Adelaide

In Adelaide, the hot weather days during spring, heatwaves and summer days can make staying at home unbearable as rooms tend to warm up with the extreme weather heat. Haiku ceiling fans is an award winning innovation that has gained recognition for its outstanding world class device. Haiku fan style offers a sleek look that is just as highly essential as its functionality. The 3 blades fan offers incredible performance in an energy efficient manner with the built in motor that operates silently. The fan comes with a handheld remote and can be managed with Haiku by the BAF app to allow you to easily adjust the light settings and the operation speed of your fan. The model has been engineered to be used ideally on homes with ceilings of 2.4 – 2.6m including patios and smaller spaces.

Big Ass Fans- Haiku Fan

Versatile System Control Modes 

Haiku ceiling fans are equipped to provide you with the most suitable home comfort settings. The control remote can be set to 10 different types of settings including timer, whoosh and sleep mode.

Popular remote control setting includes:

  • Whoosh – simulates a natural breeze by adjusting the fan’s speed up and down. 
  • Sleep – reduces the fan’s speed over a user-specified period of time as it improves your sleep due to the comfortable conditions.
  • Timer – Automatically shuts off the set timer after a specified period of time.
  • Fan Eco – Optimize fan performance by balancing the airflow and energy usage.

Smart Remote Control 

Haiku indoor ceiling fans can be paired with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance allowing you to control the fans with voice technology.


Key Features 

  • Hand Balanced airfoils – airfoils handcraft made from five layers of Moso bamboo. 
  • Built in SenseMe technology – detects changes in user presence, humidity and temperatures while automatically modifies fan’s settings. 
  • Voice Integration – Voice and mobile app control can be used for Haiku indoor ceiling fans only.
  • Permanent Magnet motor – allows silent functionality of the air circulation fans at any speed range 
  • Seven speed settings – comes with a handheld remote allowing you to adjust settings to seven distinct speeds, including Sleep, timer, and Whoosh modes.
  • Indoor and outdoor models meet energy efficiency – The models are engineered to meet energy star requirements making Haiku the winner of 75 international design and technology awards.

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Big Ass Fans has been operating since 1999, they offer modern ceiling fans suitable for all sized areas, home living environments and home decor. Big Ass Fans delivers home comfort, stylish fans and energy-efficient air movement devices that make any living environment more enjoyable. 

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