Link Energy Solar Panels

Link Energy has partnered with Powerark solar Australia to provide an Australian favoured product.

Powerark Solar is one of Australia’s leading renewable energy distributors. Headquartered in Sydney, the company’s operations expand across WA, VIC, QLD and SA which enables us to accommodate customers from across Australia.

We handle our warranty in house, with 6 offices and warehouses around Australia this will make your warranty process much easier. We will always be just a phone call away.


Our panels come with a super robust frame, Link Energy’s panels have a 40mm frame, and this makes them stronger and more durable. We also utilize an IP67 Junction Box, as it is one of the most volatile parts of a solar panel, we have made sure it is protected it with the technology to ensure that our panels offer high efficiency with a stable output of power.


With the first Monocrystalline power plant being built 30years ago, and continuing to run to date, this is why we are an advocate of monocrystalline solar technology. Link Energy selected Monocrystalline as its primary product due to its longevity effectiveness and better return of investment.