Multi Split Air Conditioning

What is Multi Split Air Conditioning?

A multi split air conditioning system is a type of split air conditioner where a single outdoor unit feeds multiple indoor head units which are installed in each room. The single units can be controlled on its own to allow you to adjust the temperature to suit your desire. 

Find the right model to cover your temperature needs by choosing from our major brands including Carrier, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Gree, Braemar, and Breeze. 

If you would like to explore a different approach to keeping your home cool, feel free to browse our range of Split Systems, Ducted Reverse Cycle, and Evaporative Air Conditioning.

Why Would I Need A Multi Split Air Conditioning System?

Multi Split air conditioning is a great alternative if you’re restricted with the space available on the roof or under the floors. A multi Split air conditioning consists of one compressor and up to six multiple air outlets which are connected by refrigerant pipelines and cables to the outdoor unit. Multi Split air conditioners rely on heat pumps to heat and cool the air which offers energy efficiency operations.

Energy Efficiency

Multi Split systems have energy efficiency settings and the combined ability to heat and cool individual areas of a house which helps reduce the running cost of the household energy consumption.

Flexibility and convenience

Multi Split air conditioning systems offer exceptional heating and cooling capacity for large living areas or small rooms. It peacefully and quietly runs with the added convenience of controlling the temperature and environment of each room.

Independent control

Each indoor wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended or ceiling concealed unit can run and be controlled on its own. It can be managed from a wireless remote control and it has the capability to put the temperature on/off, air motion up/down/left and right and time clock operations.

Is a multi split system right for me?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a multi split system air conditioner as it allows you to independently control the temperature of each room. Multi Split air conditioning units will take less space hence, they are ideal for apartments were it maybe limited in space.

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