Multi Split Air Conditioning

What is Multi Split Air Conditioning?

A multi split air conditioning system operates on the same principles as a split type air conditioning system however in this case there are ‘multiple’ indoor units connected to one outdoor condensing unit.

Why Would I Need A Multi Split Air Conditioning System?

Multi Split System is designed mainly for small to medium commercial applications where the installation of duct work was either too expensive, or aesthetically unacceptable. The small-bore refrigerant piping, which connects the indoor and outdoor units requires much lower space and is easier to install than the metal ducting. Each indoor unit has its own set of refrigerant pipe work connecting it to the outdoor unit.

The fact that one large condenser can be connected to multiple evaporators  within the building reduces and/or eliminates the need for duct work installation completely.

Multi splits are suitable for single thermal zone (defined below) applications with very similar heat gains/losses.

All Major Brands

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Types of Indoor Units