Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation

Fletcher Pink Batts ceiling insulation is made from lightweight, flexible and resilient glasswool. Pink Batts is a trusted Australian choice for thermal control when it comes to retrofitting existing ceilings.

Fletcher Ceiling Insulation

Welcome to a better way to life. Cooler in summer, warmer in winter

Pink Batts Insulation Specification Sheet


Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation is the insulation material you can count on. You will get the most of living with Pink Batts insulation. It is a low allergen, manufactured in Australia and comes with a lifetime homeowner warranty. The product meets AS1530.1 making it ideal to be used with added confidence.

Pink Batts Insulation

Energy Efficient

Homeowner – occupiers have the opportunity to make their home’s energy-efficient as ceiling insulation will make your house cooler, reduce noise transfer and it will give you great savings on your energy bills. Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation can reduce summer heat by up to 12˚C and make your home cozy in winter. Homeowners who are installing insulation to their new home or existing homes are making a wise long term financial decision that will add to their family’s wellbeing. There isn’t an existing home in Australia that wouldn’t benefit from installing a better batt as Australia’s temperatures and energy bills continue to rise. It is now the best time to make the change to a more sustainable efficient home.

Made from Recycled Material

Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation is made of glass wool fibres which contain up to 80% recycled glass. It is bio-soluble making the material non-hazardous and safe to use at home. The product comes in an extensive range of R-values from R2.5 to R6.0. Pink Batts once installed tend to hold in place as the product is firm. The benefits of installing solid insulation can significantly impact the thermal condition as a gap of roughly 5% of using poor quality insulation could result in a drop in thermal performance by up to 20%. 

Fletcher Insulation manufacturing excellence

Fletcher Insulation has been offering quality thermal insulation for over 60 years. It is home to Australia’s most loved and trusted insulation brands. Fletcher insulation products have been specifically designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate from snowy regions to tropical zones.

Fire Safe

In the event of a fire, Pink Batts have been produced to resist flames as it will not catch on fire or melt easily. Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation is an outstanding product as it is non-combustible, protecting your home and family by delaying the spread of fire.


Government Insulation Rebates

Now is the best time to install insulation in your home as eligible homeowners can claim up to $1000 or more in Government rebates under the REES scheme. The rebate amount that you will receive will depend on the following living situations such as:

    • The size of your house
    • The location of the house
    • If you are installing insulation for the first time or topping up existing insulation

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