Q Cells Solar Panels for Adelaide Homes

Q Cells are the smart choice when it comes to rooftop solar panels for Adelaide homes. Q Cells offers a premium range of home solar energy solutions and remains a leader in providing powerful solar cells and modules. Q Cells is an award-winning and certified solar panels provider that offers superior performance. Q cells have been designed and tested for Australian conditions and certified to withstand the harshest climate conditions. Q cells are the only solar panel manufacturers that undergo cyclone testing and the modules work reliably on clear or on cloudy days.

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Q.Antum Technology

PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cells) solar cell technology is cost-effective as it maximises energy output due to more efficient energy conversion. It captures unused sunlight into the cell to convert solar electricity.

Q Cells Peak Duo G6+

Q. Peak Duo – G6+ has the most powerful Q.Antum Duo model which is ideal for the Australian conditions as it delivers high performance during dusk, dawn, and under cloudy skies including on winter days when the sun does not rise high above the horizon. The award-winning manufacturer offers a premium power class of up to 355Wp.

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Q.Peak Duo ML-G9 - learn more

Q Cells Peak Duo ML-G9+

Q. Peak Duo ML-G9+ is the next big hit from Q Cells as the solar module offers excellent quality as Q.Antum Technology supercharges the solar cells due to its unique design of smaller gaps between the cells which in turn generates more electricity. The solar panels provide more efficiency as it increases it by up to 20.8% making the panels suitable for residential homes.

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Get Ultimate Confidence

Make the most of high quality, high power, and ultimate performance technology as Q Cells comes with a 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance guarantee. Q Cells is engineered in Germany and manufactured in Korea. Q Cells is the largest solar cell manufactured globally.


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Paybacks your investment with the zero gap cell which enhances solar modules efficiency.

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No matter what the weather conditions may be, the solar panels are reliable, durable, and resistant.

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Security with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect, and Traceable Quality Tra.QTM.

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The solar panels have been built to withstand the Snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa) as it has aluminum alloy frames.

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The Q.Peak Duo comes with an Inclusive 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee.

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The cutting edge technology of the Q.Antum Duo cells and innovative wiring makes the Q.Peak Duo the perfect long term module.

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A trustworthy investment

Q Cells modules have a 97% of minimal rated power output during the first year of usage. Thereafter, the maximum reduction in output is 0.6% per year. Q Cells guarantees a minimum power output of 83% after 25 years of usability.

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