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Skylights in Adelaide

Skylights are great home solutions that will add value to your home and save you lots off your energy bills. Skylights brighten any dark room without breaking the bank as it offers a great home solution to change your poorly designed room into a space that can be enjoyed all year round due to its enhancement of daylight natural light traveling from the roof to an interior space. Sharpe Energy Hub specialises in providing affordable skylights to Adelaide householders. We have a wide range of skylights suitable for each household. No matter what your usability requirements are, we can help you find the right skylights to suit your needs. Skylights are ideal to install at homes where there is a lack of natural light.

Benefits of Skylights:

  • Adds natural light to your home spaces
  • A suitable source of home ventilation and fresh air control
  • Increases home value by changing the aesthetic of a room
  • Offers long term energy savings on heating and cooling
  • Prevents seasonal affective disorder (SAD)


Skylights help conserve energy cost by lowering your daily light usage as they offer natural daylight sun into any room. Skylights will improve the atmosphere of any living space at homes as it is a great solution to stuffy, cold, or dark rooms. Skylights add natural views to a room as you can get a perfect view of nature during the day and night sky view of bright stars during the night. An adequate amount of natural light elevates mood, re-energize levels, and has been proven to improve sleep. One of the advantages of installing skylights on a home is that it can save you money on heating and cooling costs if it is positioned correctly and designed to suit your home’s structure. Skylights that face the south will tend to increase your home temperature as it will be exposed to more sun’s rays. In the winter, skylights that face Adelaide’s south could greatly save you money off your heating costs. In the summer, skylights that are uncovered will make rooms unbearably hot. Ideally, you would want to install a skylight that has built-in shades so that the sun can be blocked during the hottest time of the day. An open skylight can be a bonus for summer nights as it can be used for ventilation allowing heat to escape out of your home.           

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Skylights are one of the very few home improvements that can enhance the interior and exterior look of your home. Regardless of your home décor and style, there is a wide variety of quality skylights and excellent styles to suit your needs. Skylights need to balance with your home’s architectural theme and features. For traditional homes, skylights should be installed in the rear of a house. Allocating them in the rear side of a property and while being out of sight from the street will ensure that the traditional charm of the house won’t be prejudiced by the modern aesthetic of skylights.

Sharpe Energy Hub

Sharpe Energy Hub supplies, installs and removes skylights in Adelaide. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience providing Adelaide homes with efficient home solutions. We develop unique solutions and installation techniques to improve the thermal efficiency of Adelaide homes.

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