Solar Battery Price

Solar Battery Price Price
after HBS
Effective Price
after HBS + VPP
HBS Subsidy* VPP Credits**
Tesla Powerwall 2 - 13 kWh $15990 $11990 $6890 $4000 $5100

*Home Battery Scheme – The SA Government Home Battery Scheme has allocated a subsidy of up to $4000 towards Eligible Home Batteries for Eligible Home Owners in Adelaide.

Learn more about HBS & Apply Online.

**VPP Credits (Virtual Power Plant Credits) –  Up to $5100 in Access Credit, calculated on a daily basis at $7 per day at up to $216 per month over a 2 year period.

Learn more about Virtual Power Plant.

The Home Battery Scheme and Virtual Power Plant are only applicable to eligible homeowners.

All the Solar Battery Prices include standard installation in all Adelaide Suburbs.

Solar Battery Pricing is subject to conditions and site inspection.

Fees and lending criteria apply