Solar Gard – Window Films

Heat Rejection – UV protection – Sun Glare Reduction

Designed to offer the best experience in terms of comfort, energy savings, and aesthetics.

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Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Solar Gard Window Films not only provides safety, security, and heat control to your property but it will also create privacy during the day. Nothing brightens your home space better than natural light. In the harsh Australian climate, natural sunlight causes unwanted heat and hotspots which can reduce at home comfort and makes natural lighting less inviting to the atmosphere.

Solar Gard Window Films can reject up to 79% of solar energy, providing you with better home temperature control while reducing unwanted sun glare and warm sunlight inside your home. The Solar Gard window films have been designed to keep the heat out in summer and keep the warmth in during winter. We have multiple options for window films such as anti-graffiti, security films, and decorative. We recommend purchasing a window film that will help protect your residential home or commercial site from experiencing severe weather and shattered glasses.

The benefits of using Solar Gard window film:

  • 79% heat rejection – improves comfort and keeps you cool
  • 30% energy cost saving – save you money on energy consumption
  • 98% UV protection – protects your family and friends from harmful UV rays
  • 95% sun glare reduction – Block sun glare and improves the aesthetic value of your home due to the visual comfort it adds to your property

The Solar Gard Difference

Solar Gard is an industry leader in the professional-grade solar control, safety and security window films. Solar Gard has an industry-leading warranty and they offer exceptional quality films that ensure colour stability throughout their lifetime. Solar Gard undertakes performance testing to ensure their films perform exceptionally in various conditions.

Protect your skin everywhere

Solar Gard offers you protection from harmful exposure to UV rays. The state of the art window films and surface solutions have been designed to block 99% of harmful UV rays for your family, home and business. They aim to create sustainable solutions to help improve the comfort and protection of your property. Solar Gard is committed to innovation and offering high-quality products.