Gree Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning

Gree’s Solar Hybrid Inverter technology allows you to harness free energy from the sun to help you run your Hi-wall Air Conditioning unit.

You could save up to 97% on your mains power usage* with the Gree Solar Hybrid System, plus it’s easy to install and use so you can get started on saving money and lowering your energy usage.

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning

Utilize the natural power of the sun to heat or cool your home

Gree Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Product Brochure


Power Saving Technology

Gree’s patented Power Supply Control Module (PSCM) the Hansol Solar Hybrid unit can use Solar DC generated power, mains AC power, or a combination of both.
This means that no matter the weather, you will have uninterrupted comfort.
Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning

Gree Features

Stylish, Advanced Air Design – Automatically selects the airflowdirection, horizontal for cooling and vertical for heating

Cold Air Prevention – prevents cold air blowing into the room when the unit is first turned on or after the defrost cycle – the indoor fan will remain off until the indoor coil reaches the desired room temperature setting

Intelligent Defrosting – Gree’s new I-Defrost are only performed when needed, which reduces energy waste by eliminating unnecessary defrosting

De-humidifying – Gree air conditioners have an independent de-humidifying system in-built – which cycles the compressor to allow the indoor coil to be coated in ice before defrosting the coil and remove the moisture from the room

Turbo Mode – designed to run the indoor fan at super high speed to cool or heat the room quickly – providing better comfort levels and energy usage

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning - Connects to Solar

Connects directly to the Solar Panels

The Gree Solar Hybrid like all DC Inverter air conditioners runs on DC power converted from mains power. Gree’s new Solar Hybrid can accept DC power directly from the Solar Panels without the need of an expensive inverter or controller. The solar DC power directly replaces the mains power being supplied by your energy provider. This can reduce daytime running costs by up to 97%.

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning

Gree Benefits

Better Air Quality and Noise levels – The Hansol range of Solar Hybrid Air Conditioners offers several features that improve air quality.
All units come standard with filters to remove dust particles. Additional to this each unit is fitted with as standard a photo catalytic filter to remove bacteria, viruses and unpleasant odours.

The Hansol Solar Hybrid comes with seven fans speeds so that you can choose your desired level of air flow from super low to turbo. The auto fan feature enables the on board logic to select the best fan speed based on the indoor temperature and the thermostat set point.

The Gree Solar Hybrid air conditioner benefits from smart fluid dynamic design; this has dramatically improved airflow through the air conditioner thus reducing indoor noise levels.

Mould and Odour Prevention – When used as an air conditioner and once the unit is switched off the indoor coil is wet and provides a great environment for mould and bacteria to grow. By pressing the X-Fan button on the remote control the indoor fan will continue to run on for 10 minutes after the unit has been switched.

This assists in drying out the indoor coil and helps to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria as well as reducing bad odours in the unit.

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning IFEEL

Gree I-Feel

Gree Solar Hybrid air conditions come standard with the I-Feel remote control. This clever feature enables the unit to take the temperature reading from where we sense the indoor temperature rather than where the indoor unit senses the temperature.

By pressing the “I Feel” button on the remote the room temperature is now recorded from a sensor in the remote control rather than from the unit itself. This gives intelligent temperature control where it is needed and provides a more precise and comfortable environment.

Brighte - Buy now. Pay later. 0% Interest, Always*
Brighte - Buy now. Pay later. 0% Interest, Always*