Solar Whiz – The smart way to stay cool

Solar Whiz is a powerful roof ventilation exhaust fan to keep your home cooler and fresher all year long. Ideal to cool your home in summer and reduce moisture and condensation during winter. 

Solar Whiz – Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz   Specification Sheet


Solar Whiz effectively reduces the heat load on your roof space and helps keep the temperature inside the home fresh and cool.

A smart and eco-efficient cooling system that extracts heat from living spaces and adds comfort all year round.

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Discover how solar works tirelessly to keep your home cool.

Solar Whiz is a solar roof ventilation system and heat extract fan that allows fresh airflow inside the property. The powerful unit works without the need for electricity, this makes it a smart choice to achieve eco-efficiency for your Adelaide home. Solar Whiz reduces moisture levels, condensation, and dust mites in the roof spaces. Solar Whiz has been designed to be easily installed to a metal or tile roof. It is suitable to connect it to one or more internal rooms via ducting to extract moist and hot air from your house.

How does the Solar Whiz work?

The Solar Whiz roof ventilation units effectively removes heat and moisture from building up in the roof spaces. Solar Whiz is self-sufficient roof ventilation that allows your family to gain home comfort by lowering internal temperatures whilst minimizing hundreds of dollars on cooling costs.

Roof Ventilation with Solar Whiz

In Adelaide, roof temperature throughout the state can reach between 60°C to as high as 70°C during the summer season. Apart from heat management, Solar Whiz can assist you with moist extraction, mould and fungi prevention, air conditioning usage and acts to control exhaust fans (including steam and smoke). Solar Whiz extractor fans allow natural ventilation to occur as solar power does the extensive work. Solar Whiz works to eliminate hot air from building up in the roof space and acts to diminish the heat load from forming on the ceiling and coming down through to the living spaces. The home cooling unit provides fresh airflow to travel through the roof vents. Solar Whiz systems can run throughout the day and at night time including on overcast or during rainy days with the help of the night operation kits.

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Solar Whiz the trusted brand

Solar Whiz is a trusted brand for roof ventilation and heat extraction. It is the smart way to stay cool as it has been manufactured for durability in the harsh Australian conditions. It comes with a 10 years warranty on PV panels. You can rest easy while enjoying the Solar Whiz ventilation system as it has a 2 year warranty on all other components.

Solar Whiz units are ideal for retrofitting your Adelaide home as it is affordable and operates silently while improving your energy efficiency and home comfort. It can be turned to face the sun at your most suitable angle as the PV panels can be adjusted to face the sun by up to 80°.

Some of the benefits of installing a Solar Whiz ventilation system are:

  • Minimizes heat build-up in the roof space
  • No running costs
  • No carbon emissions
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduces moisture levels while protecting the roof structure

Which Roof Ventilation Unit is Ideal for me?

Solar Whiz SW-RAF-R-1200


The SW-RAF-R-1200 Solar Whiz model is a mid-range solar ventilator unit. Suitable for standard pitched homes up to 120 square meters and top storey of a two storey house.

SW-RAF-R-1700 - learn more


The SW-RAF-R-1700 Solar Whiz model is a larger mid-range solar ventilator unit. Suitable for larger homes up to 180 square meters.

SW-RAF-R-2300 - learn more


The SW-RAF-R-2300 Solar Whiz model is the largest domestic ventilator. It provides large volumes of quick airflow movement as it is suitable for homes up to or beyond 250 square meters.

Solar Whiz Add ons

Night Operations Kit - learn more

Night Operations Kit

The night operations kit allows a Solar Whiz to operate during overcast days and it helps the system to continue to run at night time. The night operation kit helps to combat the heat that gets trapped on the roof in summer as it continues to move fresh airflow after sunset. The night operation kit runs with electricity and allows the system to continue to function in full power even after the solar PV depleted its charging capacity.

Adjustable Thermostat - learn more

Adjustable Thermostat

The adjustable thermostat offers you complete control over your Solar Whiz system as you can adjust the temperatures to ensure that it works effectively to address the changes in climate conditions. The adjustable thermostat switches the roof ventilation system on automatically when the roof cavity temperature increases to more than 30 degrees and it will switch off once the roof space reaches its set temperature.

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