New Release: Solar & Battery System Deal.

sonnenBatterie eco is an all-in-one battery solution that takes a modular approach to home energy storage.

Capacity can be added in 2kWh increments up to 16kWh, without the inbuilt inverter requiring an upgrade. Sonnen also offers a market-leading 10,000 cycle/10 year warranty.

Get the most from going solar and reduce your reliance on mains grid electricity with these top quality solar + storage systems!

This award winning technology is now available in Australia. Read more…

SonnenBatterie system installed in Burnside

SonnenBatterie Installation in North AdelaideSick and tired of their $800 quarterly power bills?…. a Burnside household recently became our latest sonnenBatterie customer and are already reaping the benefits.

Their aim is to get their bills back to around $160 per quarter with the savings, whilst paying off their new system over several years.

Our burst of late summer and early autumn sunshine has delivered even better results than anticipated. This reliable weather means the system is running at peak efficiency so the only cost involved is connection to the grid.

As the days get shorter and we get into winter, the system will still be able to give our customers an average 80 per cent saving on their power bills.

The key to making the numbers add up for battery storage is having the optimum sized rooftop solar array linked to an appropriate level of battery storage. Too big a system and solar-generated power is being fed back into the grid for little financial return. Too small and the household is forced to buy expensive “top-up” power from the grid.

After consulting with us, our customers decided to take the step to stabilise their bills and set themselves up for a future – safe from power price hikes.

So last year we installed a 5kW rooftop solar system with micro-inverters. To this we recently added a 6kWh sonnenBatterie Eco 8.2, the latest version of Europe’s biggest selling home battery.

We calculated this to be the correct size for the four-bedroom house, which has a swimming pool, reverse-cycle heating-cooling, and electric water heating and cooking. The space-saving battery pack was floor-mounted against a wall in the carport.

Proof of the efficiency of this set-up was revealed in monitoring figures gathered on a partly cloudy day last week with temperatures in the low 20Cs.

The solar panels generated consistently good power from 9am until 6pm. Then the battery provided power for another 9 hours. Overall, the system produced 23kWh for the day but the household consumed just over 18kWh.

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Accessing & monitoring energy production and consumption can be done using a smart device or computer.

Actual results of first 7 days:

Sonnen Protect Weekly Chart
Sonnen Protect Production vs Consumption

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