SonnenFlat VPP

Nervous about your next electricity bill?

Get $0 Electricity Bills for next 24 months – Join sonnenFlat VPP

What is sonnenFlat VPP?

sonnenFlat is an energy plan from sonnen that combines home batteries with a rooftop solar system.

As the only energy storage company to deliver energy savings through a fixed monthly power bill, sonnen has now launched a campaign where new customers will pay a $0 sonnenFlat monthly fee for the first 24 months when they purchase a sonnenBatterie (min 8 kWh)*. They will receive an upfront credit of at least $1,176 to cover their monthly fee for the first 24 months sonnenFlat and a $0 energy bill.

How does it work?

sonnenFlat is just like a mobile plan where you pay a fixed monthly fee and get certain amount of data to use.

By joining sonnenFlat, you can choose the best plan that suites your annual electricity usage by paying a small amount of monthly fee.( Promotional offer – $0 monthly fee for 24months).

sonnenFlat provides a guaranteed annual energy allowance that includes solar, battery storage and grid energy usage for a fixed fee.

There is “No Lock in Contract or Exit Fees”

How do I join sonnenFlat?

  • Purchase and install a sonnenBatterie from Sharpe Energy Hub.
  • Simply determine your yearly energy consumption.
  • Select a monthly sonnenFlat plan that is best suited to your energy needs.
  • Enjoy $0 Electricity bills for the next 24 months.


Fixed rate – $207.90
A $ 207.90 (incl GST) fee will be charged for a Type 4 meter installation, if required.

Fixed rate – $0.00
We don’t charge customers exit fees.

Fixed rate – $16.00
A $16.00 (incl GST) fee applies for each bill that is paid after the due date.

Fixed rate – $11.00
A $11.00 (incl. GST) fee applies if payment is dishonoured or reversed.

Percentage of bill – 1%
Credit Card and Debit Card payments will be subject to a 1% (incl. GST)
processing fee.

All normal fees are listed here. In some circumstances your local distributor may charge fees for certain services such as disconnection. For more information on additional fees, please see

Frequently Asked Questions :

Residential customers in the distributor area must have the Minimum solar PV capacity and Minimum sonnenBatterie useable capacity for the relevant sonnenFlat plan.

The Annual Household Usage Allowance is the total household usage of energy from installed solar PV, sonnenBatterie, and the grid (including controlled load, where applicable).

Each household must produce the Minimum Annual Solar Generation quantity of energy over a 12-month period. Where the annual energy production falls below the Minimum Annual Solar Generation, the Annual Household Usage Allowance
will be reduced proportionally to the shortfall in the Minimum Annual Solar Generation. e.g.: For sonnenFlat Economy, if actual annual solar production is 6,000 kWh, then the Adjusted Annual Household Usage Allowance is => 7,500 x
6,000 / 6,515 = 6,907 kWh.

38.04 cents per kWh (incl GST); 34.58 cents per kWh (excl GST)

Once the Adjusted Annual Household Usage Allowance is exceeded, usage from the grid will be charged at the Excess Grid Usage Rate.

Energy exported above the Annual Export Threshold will be paid at the Solar feed-in Rate

Annual Household Usage Allowance and Minimum Annual Solar Generation will be reduced pro-rata where a customer ends the agreement within a 12-month period.

Measurements from sonnenBatterie meters and regulated NMI meters will be used to determine Annual Household Usage Allowance and Minimum Annual Solar Generation. Measurements from NMI meters will be used to determine exported energy and excess grid usage.

The Annual Export Threshold is the total energy exported to the grid

The Minimum Annual Solar Generation is the total energy produced by the installed solar PV.

No. Prices may vary in accordance with the terms and conditions. If we do vary your prices, we will provide you
written notice no later than your next bill.

10 business days