Split System Air Conditioning

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

A split system air conditioning or better known as a ‘high wall’ consists of two parts, a wall-mounted, floor standing or ceiling cassette indoor unit that gets placed in the main room of a home and an external unit that releases heat to the outside with the help of a refrigerant. If you wish to install a model that can do both heating and cooling, a reverse cycle split system air conditioning will ensure home comfort through summer and winter in Adelaide homes. The internal component of a split system air conditioning is the fan coil unit which distributes the cool or warm air throughout the room. The condenser is situated on the inside of the unit and it expels unwanted heat.

Find the right model to cover your temperature needs by choosing from our major brands including Panasonic, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric, Braemar, and Samsung.

If you would like to explore a different approach to keeping your home cool, feel free to browse our range of Multi-Split Systems, Ducted Reverse Cycle, and Evaporative Air Conditioning.

Why Would I Need A Split System Air Conditioning?

Many people like to save money on running their air conditioning costs by not cooling or heating every room in the house, but it can sometimes be a challenge when main rooms such as a bedroom, baby’s nursery, or study areas don’t get direct access to cool or heat air.

Energy Efficiency

Split systems offer a completely ductless design, this upsurges your energy savings and reduces money spent on future utility bills. A split air conditioning system is an ideal and cost-effective way to cool a single room in your home and avoid having to spend extra money cooling all of the other rooms.

Zone Control

Split system air conditioners cool different areas of your home by splitting the space into zones. Each zone will have its thermostat, unlike traditional AC systems that have one thermostat for your entire space. Separate thermostats give you control over which areas of your home are cooled and allow you to limit the cooling to specific zones. This means you’ll use less energy over the long term while also saving money.

Increased Security

A split system air conditioner is more secure than a window unit, which offers intruders a way into your home. The small hole for your conduit doesn’t pose much threat to your home’s safety, whereas an open hole in your wall or window may expose your home for an easier break-in.

Is a Split System right for me?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a split system air conditioner to cool or warm up your home. Split system air conditioning can be installed in several rooms and can cool down or warm the majority of rooms such as small bedrooms up to a large studio space and any other type of room in between.

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At Shape Energy Hub, we understand that one Ducted Air Conditioning System does not fit all homes. It is for this reason that we analyse your air conditioning requirements to engineer an Intelligent Energy Efficient A/C system that will run effectively with minimal costs for years to come.

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