SunPower Performance solar panels combine conventional cells with SunPower’s 30+ years of materials and manufacturing expertise to deliver a panel that surpasses the performance, reliability and aesthetics of Conventional Panels.*

Residential rooftop installations

SunPower Performance solar panels deliver premium aesthetics for homeowners, while vastly improving on the quality and reliability of conventional panel offerings.

Trusted durability

An innovative shingled cell design re-engineers conventional solar technology for added strength and enhanced performance.

  • Aerospace-grade conductive adhesives reinforce cell connections to withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings.
  • Redundant cell connections mitigate the impacts of cell cracks on power output by creating flexible paths for electricity flow.
  • Proprietary encapsulants protect cells and minimize degradation from environmental exposure.

Video: The hypercell—the unique and innovative backbone behind SunPower® Performance panels maximizes panel durability to drive more energy and greater savings over the life of your system.

More lifetime energy

Performance panels can deliver as much as 32% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years of operation when compared to conventional panels.*

More power in partial shade

More power at higher temperatures

More light absorbed with anti-reflective glass

Proven reliability

The reality is that not all solar panels are created equal. The reliable operation of your solar panels in real-world conditions is critical to achieving your energy production and savings targets.

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In the 2018 DNV GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard, SunPower Performance panels were named as a top performer in all four reliability tests conducted: thermal cycling, damp heat, dynamic mechanical load and potential induced degradation.

SunPower Performance  Specification Sheet


Monitor your panels

Get control of your roof in the palm of your hand with Sunpower panel-level monitoring options.


System monitoring – The individual solar panels can be monitored to ensure the system is performing at its best.

Real-time views – Get live data on all your connected devices with the added option to share your results on social media.

Automatic software updates – You will always have the latest software on hand to gain current updates on the utility rates and system updates.

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Elegant design

The all black design of SunPower Performance panels is ideal for residential installations, blending harmoniously into your roof and adding elegance to your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical performance advantage gained from using SunPower Performance panels?

We built the Performance solar panels for high reliability, high efficiency and low degradation—driving an estimated 32% more energy yield in a fixed space over the first 25 years of operation when compared to Conventional Panels.*

How do SunPower Performance solar panels differ from SunPower® Maxeon® panel technology?

SunPower® Performance solar panels use high efficiency mono PERC cells, as opposed to SunPower’s proprietary back contact technology developed for our Maxeon panels.

How do SunPower Performance solar panels differ from Conventional Panels?

There are a variety of key technical differences between SunPower Performance solar panels and Conventional Panels, including the design and layout of the solar cells, the conductive material used, and the electric architecture—which combine to enhance the reliability, performance and aesthetics of Performance panels.

To go into a bit more technical detail, first, we laser cut each SunPower Performance cell into six strips and layer them in a shingled configuration to create a ‘hypercell’. This shingled hypercell allows us to fit more active cell area into each panel, boosting power and efficiency. Second, Performance cells are connected with a conductive adhesive borrowed from the aerospace industry to offer multiple and redundant paths for energy flow. This allows us to remove the front contact conductive ribbons and solder bonds found in conventional cells that can block active cell area and deteriorate over time, leading to cell failures and power deficits. Finally, SunPower Performance panels feature a unique parallel circuit architecture that significantly limits power loss in shade and soiling. The result is a superior shingled panel constructed with commodity cells, outperforming conventional panels in efficiency, performance and reliability.

What is the typical cost advantage of using SunPower Performance panels?

Costs vary from project to project. Performance panels generally have a price point that is competitive with Conventional Panels.