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Suntech Solar Panels for Adelaide Homes

Suntech is a photovoltaic manufacturer, it has produced crystalline silicon solar cells and modules for over 20 years. The company has been devoted to providing high power, bifacial double glass, intelligent, and lightweight modules. They continue to generate the latest innovation and exceed great management which makes them one of the most trusted PV companies in the world.

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Solar Powering a green future

Suntech’s vision is to offer clean, sustainable and reliable solar energy to everyone. Suntech solar panels have been made with recyclable properties as it uses aluminium, glass, and silicon and it is packed using recyclable cardboard. The company is part of the recycling program for the PV CYCLE Association as it takes back the end of live PV modules. Suntech delivers reliable performance over time as it guarantees up to 28% higher output for their solar panels.

Stand the test of time

Suntech produces high standard modules that are efficient, stable, and powerful output. The company has a strong and long standing presence in the market as their warranties provide peace of mind due to the reliability of their product which renders the warranty to 12 years. They are the industry leading output of warranties as it warrants up to 25 years performance warranty (30 years for double glass products). In 2020, Suntech has achieved global distributions by covering 100 countries and regions around the world as they have established multiple manufacturing sites in many locations.

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Suntech Polycrystalline Solar Modules

The Suntech Polycrystalline solar modules are ideal for residential installations, it is available in 280 watts. The panels are anti-reflective with high light absorption which delivers reliable green sustainable energy for your home.

Suntech HIPower Series

The Suntech HIPower Series are half-cut monocrystalline solar panels that are available in 350-370 watt. The panels deliver an exceptional performance as it reduces losses of mismatch and cell wear by the unique cell outline that lowest the electrodes resistance and currents.

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Suntech modules achieves efficiency through its advanced technology.

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The edge-isolation technology improves the reliability of the panels as it is engineered with thinner lines, closer spacing, and tapered bus bars which generate up to 2.5% more energy. The advanced solar light allows the superior light transmission to perform efficiently under weak light conditions.

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Security with Anti LID Technology, Anti PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect, and Traceable Quality Tra.QTM.

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Suntech’s solar modules are built to last as it undertakes rigorous testing to ensure it passes standards. The Suntech modules withstand the wind suction loads of up to 3,800 Pascal (270km/h / 168mph).

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The solar modules offer up to 2% higher output with the high performance class as they can reduce current mismatches through its sorting process.

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The lower operating temperature allows better power output as it has a tolerance of up to +5W.


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Unmatched reliability

Suntech solar panels deliver energy to power your home as it is built to outperform even in extreme weather conditions. Suntech solar cells use the cleanest and richest solar energy from nature. Suntech has been awarded as a Top brand PV seal from 2016 to 2020.

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