Tindo Karra-295W Solar Panel :

At the heart of the Tindo Karra photo-voltaic module is brilliant technical and intelligent design fused with a range of innovative materials that make it the ultimate solar panel.
Tindo Karra-295W PERC monocrystalline allows Tindo to fit more power into less space for a comparable price. The development and testing of this module has been in the making for some time now with the participation of the Australian National University in Canberra.

Bridgestone EVA

EVA from Bridgestone has a long history in the solar panel industry providing encapsulation material of the highest quality. Bridgestone’s EVA is optically clear, impervious to water and can be relied on for decades.

Dow Corning Silicone

Silicone edge seal from Dow Corning has been a performer of the highest calibre, proven since panels were first commercialised. Tests show the seal outperforms all competition in cohesiveness and lap shear strength.

DuPont Back Sheet

Tindo uses DuPont Tedlar film-based backsheets in the manufacture of the Karra-295. Back sheets are used as a vapour barrier and to protect sensitive components of the panels. Tedlar is the only film based back sheet that has successfully protected solar panels for more than 25 years.

Enphase Microinverters

We use Enphase micro inverters on our AC solar systems. They are rated up to 85degC, have an IP67 moisture and dust resistance, are fully potted, have integrated earthing built in to them, have reactive power control for future smart grids and they are the world leaders in micro inverter technology. We are using their 5th generation product and with over 7 million units shipped globally, reliability and performance are proven.

Enphase S230 Microinverter

Commitment to Quality

At Tindo we are committed to providing an Australian product that can be benchmarked against any panel in the world. We have taken extensive steps to ensure the quality and reliability of our panels. Tindo is Made for Life.

Tindo Solar Factory
Electroluminescence Testing

Visual testing of the surface of solar panels does not provide adequate assurance of the quality of a module.

There are numerous defects in a solar cell for example:

• cracks caused during production or transportation of solar cells,

• fingerprints that were left behind on cells while printing the cell grid,

• micro cracks caused by heat stress while stringing,

• cracks caused by faulty handling in the module production line,

• defect contact point between ribbons and cells

All of these defects can cause substantial reduction of the quality of modules. Though modules may generate adequate output immediately after they have been produced, cracks can at a later point in time (even years later) be the reason for substantial output reductions or loss of production.

Tindo uses an Electroluminescence (EL) Tester on each panel that we produce. This provides a reliable quality control system for solar panels in which all defects are detected so you as the end consumer can be assured of output from your panels well into the future.

Electroluminesence Test

Flash Testing
As part of the final step of the production process, each Tindo panel is Flash tested.
During a flash test the panel is exposed to a flash of light from a xenon filled arc lamp. The output spectrum of this lamp is as close to the spectrum of the sun as possible. The output from this flash test is validated to ensure that the solar panel is performing as rated to its specifications.
We will only send the panel out to the consumer if we are satisfied that the panel produces as its nameplate suggest.
Tindo Flash Test 250W Module
Visual Inspection
We have numerous visual inspection points to ensure that the Tindo panels are Made for Life.
These include:
  • Inspection to ensure the there are no air bubbles or blisters in the lamination process
  • Junction box has been sealed correctly to the back of the module.
  • Framing has formed a water tight seal to protect the cells

Tindo Solar Austrlian Factory




Download our Tindo Karra-295 data sheet here

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