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Ventilation for Adelaide Homes

To create a more energy efficient home, ventilation can play a key role in ensuring your home achieves good air circulation. Many homes have poor ventilation as they are airtight increasing the likeness of having stuffy rooms leading to condensation problems, mould and mildew. People tend to shut their doors and windows when we face extreme weather. Closing all windows and doors will lead to a drop in oxygen levels and humidity levels will rise. This creates the worst air quality for your house as it reduces air circulation in your home. Indoor air pollution causes severe health risks to public health. Homes can become more air polluted than outdoor air as moisture levels build up causing dampness and mould. Many homes achieve fresh air ventilation by opening up windows and doors to let the cooler breeze in. By allowing fresh air to enter in this way, your house will lose valuable warm heat in winter and threatens home safety.

Key benefits of Home Ventilation

A good ventilation system should be installed to allow fresh air to be brought in and stale ambient air to be expelled outside your home. A well ventilated home will ensure that heat isn’t lost during winter keeping your house warmer and ensures that your health and safety aren’t compromised.  

  • Temperature Control – Bradford Ventilation systems can be used to expel heat that builds up in your roof and it compensates it with cooler air. 
  • Moisture Management – Bradford Ventilation systems can reduce moist air protecting the health of your family as it is an ideal system to use at homes of asthma and allergy sufferers as they are a proud partner of Sensitive choice. 
  • Air Quality – Bradford Ventilation systems allow fresh air to circulate at home encouraging cooler ambient air to enter in areas where it is most desired.

Bradford leaders in Ventilation systems

Bradford Ventilation has been world leaders in manufacturing ventilation for over 80 years. Their ventilation systems have been produced and manufactured in Australia. 

Airomatic Ventilation – Motor powered roof ventilation

AiroMatic powered by Air iQ is a high-performance, smart ventilation system that removes heat and prevents damages being caused by condensation in the roof space. The clear dome has been designed to allow natural light into the home.  

Airomatic Roof or Home Ventilation

Odyssey Hybrid – Motor powered home ventilation

Odyssey is a smart air exchange system that automatically controls thermal conditions. The system expels hot air in summer and uses warm air in winter to make your rooms feel warmer. The easy-to-use touchscreen controls condensation improving air quality.

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