Virtual Power Plant

What is a VPP?

How does the VPP work?

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is created by a network of home solar panels and battery storage systems all working together to generate, store and feed energy back into the grid. Energy from the home solar panels and battery systems mainly provide electricity for the house on which it’s installed. However, energy generated or stored by the system can also be used to provide essential grid services. Virtual Power Plant provider can aggregate your system with others and coordinate these services as a VPP to help power the rest of the state and therefore benefit the wider community – including your friends and family.

VPP Providers

Virtual Power Plant Providers

simply Energy Virtual Power Plant

Simply Energy(Near Completion)

Supported Battery’s

Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen


Upto $2550 ( $7/day )

(over 12 months fixed benefit period)

Grid Usage Rate (inc. GST)

39.78 cents/kWh – Fixed

Feed-in Tariff

15 cents/kWh

Daily Supply Charges

95.89 cents/day

Exit Fee


(Requires 20 business days notice)