Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

What is VPP Offer?


Up to $5,100 in VPP Access Credits paid at up to $216 per month*


For energy sent back to the grid a 15c Feed-In Tariff


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*The VPP Access Credit will be calculated on a daily basis at $7 per day, to a maximum of $5,100 and credited to your account monthly provided you meet the Terms and conditions.

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Are you eligible for the Virtual Power Plant?

To access the Virtual Power Plant offer you must agree to grid monitoring, and management of your energy storage system. In return, you will be provided with VPP Credits. You will always retain a minimum of 20% of the storage capacity in the energy storage system.

Currently, the Virtual Power Plant is available to customers in South Australia who:

  • Own their home
  • Have an energy storage system on the list of eligible systems that have been installed (See bottom of email)?
  • Live within 100 km of the Adelaide CBD
  • Have a fully functioning solar PV system with a min 3kW inverter size
  • Have a reliable internet connection (Are willing to upgrade)
  • Have a smart meter (or are willing to have one installed)

Eligible Home Battery Systems

To be eligible for the Virtual Power Plant offer you must install an eligible home battery storage system. Eligible Home Batteries include:

Eguana Evolve 0513

Tesla Powerwall 2

sonnenBatterie 9.43/10
sonnenBatterie 9.43/12.5
sonnenBatterie 9.43/15