Virtual Power Plant

The Virtual Power Plant is a concept that allows homeowners to be eligible for up to $5100 in VPP access Credits, if you have recently purchased or are considering an eligible home battery storage system under the South Australian Home Battery Scheme.

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

By connecting your existing solar system to a Battery Storage system, you can use the electricity that your solar panels have generated at night.

The Virtual Power Plant –  has the technology to charge or discharge electricity to help support the grid when needed. Your energy storage system can connect to other solar storage systems to form a Virtual Power Plant in South Australia. This is a big step forward in sustainable energy, allowing residential homes to contribute to power generation in SA, and for eligible households to get even more savings out of their existing systems.

*The VPP Access Credit will be calculated on a daily basis at $3.49 per day, to a maximum total of $5,100, and credited to your electricity account provided you meet the terms and conditions.

Are you eligible?

To access this offer you must agree to grid monitoring, and management of your energy storage system. In return, we will provide you with VPP Access Credits. You will always retain a minimum of 20% of storage capacity in the energy storage system.

Currently VPP is available to customers in South Australia who:

  • Own their home
  • Have an energy storage system on the list of eligible systems that have been installed (See bottom of email)?
  • Live within 100 km of the Adelaide CBD
  • Have a fully functioning solar PV system with a min 3kW inverter size
  • Have a reliable internet connection (Are willing to upgrade)
  • Have a smart meter (or are willing to have one installed)

How does it work?

This is an indicative example for the month of December 2019
(note, it does not take your specific circumstances into account)

Assume you have purchased a solar PV system and an eligible energy storage system, and you transferred to the new VPP offer.


Total Electricity Bill (after feed-in tariffs are added and before the VPP Access Credit was applied) $80
VPP Access Credit total for that month (provided you meet the terms and conditions) ($108)
Net Electricity Bill for December 2019 $28 Credit

Eligible Energy Storage Systems

To be eligible for this offer you must install an eligible energy storage system. Those systems include:

Eguana Evolve 0513

Tesla Powerwall 2

sonnenBatterie 9.43/10
sonnenBatterie 9.43/12.5
sonnenBatterie 9.43/15

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